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Don't be complacent

For all of the "it will never happen here", just about everthing that has happened in the rest of the world (with the exception of Nazi death camps) has happened here in the USA, at one time or another, the main difference is a question of scale, and overall efectivness.

Can't ban guns in the US? Then just what was the Heller case about? The city of Washington DC effectively banned guns for over 30 years, and even with the recent SCOTUS decision, they aren't readily available in DC yet.

NYC has had the Sullivan Laws since the early part of the 20th century, severly restricting legal gun ownership in the city, amounting to a virtual ban unles you were one of the approved few.

At times in the past we have had genocide campaigns, concentration camps, and US troops attacking US citizens in our nation's capitol. Do just a little historical research and you will find that we are not angels. Do not count on all our good protectors in uniform refusing to follow orders, even Constitutionally illegal ones. While there will be many who would refuse, there are also many who would comply without a second thought.

One thing I didn't see mentioned in previous posts, is the fact that there are quite a few small machine shops in the country, and more than a few people who know how to use them. Even if they could manage to round up all the currently legal guns in private hands, the capability to make replacements exists all over the country, and there will be people willing to do the work for the money that will be offered by "criminals". Mechanically, the simplest repeating firearm to make is a blowback submachinegun. One unintended consequence of banning all guns could be to increase the number of SMGs in illegal circulation. After all, if you are going to go to jail for having any gun, you might as well have the most effective gun you can get your hands on. And since with guns banned there will be no sport hunting with guns, there will be no practical use for long range rifles. Military assault rifles (homemade, smuggled in, or stolen from the military and police) will be available to those with a desire and the funds, just as any illegal substance is available on the black market today. And the same goes for sawed off shotuns, SMGs, and simple handguns. Short range, handy, concealable weapons for offense and defense in urban environments will be obtainable by anyone willing to be a "criminal" under the law. Ammo will always be available in small amounts, at high cost, home made, or stolen from the govt and police, people willing to pay will be able to get it.

Many people will go to jail, just as many drug users and dealers go to jail today, but as the war on drugs has proven, putting some people in jail doesn't solve the problem. AS long as there is a demand, legal or not, someone will fill that demand for a profit.

We might even see a return to blackpowder guns (possibly of more modern designs) as these kinds of firearms and ammunition can be made entirely from scratch by industrious individuals. maybe even swords and bows will become common personal defense items for the law abiding, as there were hundreds of years ago. I wouldn't put much money on it, but it might happen. Even if it did, a homeowner trying to defend himself with a sword, a baseball bat, or some other "non firearm" is going to be at a serious disadvantage against a street gang member armed with an autoshop made SMG or a stolen police gun, etc.

I guess if all the guns were banned, we would all turn ours in, and if something bad happened, we would just call 911 and hope for the best.

All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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