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Yep, you see how he wraps his hands around the cylinder between shots 1 and 2? Also, he loaded the whole cylinder. Even at the range, I don't do that. Always center the hammer on an empty chamber when there's no safety. Cap and ball cylinder has a safety notch between each chamber, so you can load all 6 on them.

Also, do you see how he struggles getting the cylinder in? He's loading it from the wrong side and forcing it onto the hand. He'll probably damage the hand, and he's surely going to scratch up the cylinder. You can load a Kirst cylinder from that side, but not as easy with an R&D. I don't know if he could make that process look more difficult.

I cracked up when I saw his target at the end of the video. Maybe I'm being a bit critical, granted, but no way did he get that group the way he was shooting. Unless the target was 10' or less away.
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