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Thanks for the welcome

And I would like to point out that the whole idea behind this new forum is to be someplace where we can discuss L&CR issues without politics, or with as little as possible. We understand that some "political" things might, from time to time be necessary to give full historical background for certain issues, but expect this to be kept to as minimum.

My personal take on this is that while Law (legal) issues and Civil Rights issues have a political import, they are not politics directly. To me, politics is about the people in politics, their views, their proposals, party platforms, etc., and the interactions they engage in. In other words, what they are doing today, and proposing to do in the future, and especially the why.

Many of us have strong opinions about these things, and it is difficult to discuss them calmly and rationally, without invective, snide comments, veiled insults, or sarcasm, but nevertheless, that is what we are going to do here. The bar has been set, and set high. Those of you who have been invited to be the trial group, and those who have asked to be included have a high standard to meet, but you are here because you wanted to be, and I feel that we can meet the high standard and have interesting and enriching discussions while doing so.

We have all agreed to play nice here, and if we can do it, providing the example and the proof that it can be done, L&CR will eventually be expanded and open to the general membership. That is the vision. Let's all work together, and politely agreeing to disagree when necessary, to make it work. Thanks.
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