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SnapCap dry fire training

Appreciate the feedback - it refines what i'm doing and confirms it. My typical carry is a Beretta 8000, essentially a compact model 92 in 9mm with ambi safety/decocker, IWB, cross-draw.

Keltyke - you're absolutely right - as soon as i sent the post i thought about how we all hope mere presentation could stop the encounter with no shots fired. Maybe 2 drills - presentation with hammer cock and finger off trigger - and a 2nd going through the shot - are better. Good point about the clothing, especially with winter coming.

ChrisP - good points. You fight like you train, so you train like you'll fight; i hadn't thought of re-cocking the hammer as anything but good. Suddenly i can envision breaking my thumb subconsciously trying to get off a 2nd shot the way i practice. Ouch. This is why i asked for perspectives.
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