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Daughtry16, you are touching on an area of practice that far too few CCW folks take seriously. Most folks feel that as long as they have a gun on them and they shoot it OK at the range, they will be better prepared than most others should a gunfight come their way. Presentation drills is one of the most critical skills a CCW holder needs to master. And all so true that ranges typically forbid this exercise due to liability concerns.

I have always learned and taught presentation drills in a sytematic way. Once proper attire and equipment (firearm, belt, holster) have been determined, I start off training with a "by the numbers drill" in slow motion and practice this until the movements are fluid, repeatable and consistent. [I'll state it here, even though it goes without saying that these drills are performed with an unloaded firearm, verfied as unloaded by each person present.] Starting off slowly and progressing through each step repeatedly will provide the user with correct muscular memory and eliminate the majority of poorly trained habits.

I also agree that many different clothing examples need to be trained. A person training with a vest and a speed holster is not prepared when carrying an IWB holstered weapon under a sweater.

Daughtry16, I will give you my opinion on one thing as a critique. I do not practice presentation through execution 9shot fired) as one step. To do so, again, IMHO, may lead a person to shoot prematurely as a conditioned response. I do still time myself to see how well I hit from presentation but I don't train puling the trigger as the final step. Also, your motion of cocking the hammer again to fire a single action shot towards replicating the doubletap may hurt you over time. If you are conditioned to bring your thumb up behind the slide to cock it each time you shoot, you may inadvertantly place your thumb in contact with the slide causing a malfunction. Even if the weapon doesn't jam, you are conditioning yourself to shift your grip while firing.

Anyway, please don't think I am being critical, I applaud you for training this way. Best of luck.

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