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There is a media compaign on right now to get just this done.

Guns are being demonized yet used as tools to sell advertising space by the same people.

Lawful gun owners are portrayed as reckless stooges,intoxicated with owning their handguns and endangering everyone around them.

People saving their lives with handguns or stopping crime with them are rarely reported then usually only with one report that disappears quickly.

All over the world,governments look at the United States and wonder when it will happen.

We are that last bastion of freedom.

No matter who earns the job of President or what Congress tries to sneak by us,We,The People must turn off our televisions,get off out butts and call our elected officials.

Make them manifestly uncomfortable with even the idea of banning firearms.

But all the complaining in the world will not help if you do not get involved.

Either you can vote and start calling your elected officials or you should shut up and get in the line to turn in your handguns.
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