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I carry a STEAL pistol.
I hope you mean a STEEL pistol...

Now, back to the original question...
I have owned four Kimber alloy-framed 1911s (all bought used). I have had no problems with three of them, but I bought a Stainless Ultra Carry II that had been Bubba'ed...someone had sanded the feed ramp to improve feeding, and in so doing, had removed the hard anodizing. The soft aluminum was subsequently nipped-up by HP bullets, mag follower, etc. It wasn't pretty; actually, I was heartbroken when I saw it. I paid $750 for this pistol.

I did some looking, and found this:
after I called and talked to Chuck, I sent the frame in for this repair. The quality of the machine work was exceptional. I had them Cera-Kote the frame at the same time. It is now a poor man's Ultra CDP and is my favorite carry 1911. If I could only keep one of my seven 1911s, this one would be it.
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