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long range

Finn Aagaard, African hunter, small game hunter, North American hunter and a man to boot - lately passed is who I'm going to listen to; and my own experience of watching people making fools of themselves and causing great suffering to unwounded game - seeing fools haul around a beautiful buck with five holes in him, or an elk, or undershooting a groundhog with his guts leading you to his hole, or other assorted idiots telling, "all about it" at the back of a pick-up truck with the poor deer hnging out with holes all in his guts - this is not hunting, it is idiocy and irresponsible behaviour.
On the other hand - an experienced hunter hunting elk at 90 yards with a 358 Winchester (now obsolete due to magnum-mania) who takes his game at a range he is comfortable with - now, this is hunting.
My late son and I 20 years ago went groundhog hunting and I shot five at under 200 yards and we threw the bodies in the woods on the way home - the sound of those bodies hitting the ground did something to me - something responsible - and I seldom hunted from then on unless it was necessary; and I ate what I shot!
Magnum mania, velocity crazed, hunters in this country are way overgunned! I know I'll get in trouble here but this is how I feel.
I love guns and build muzzle loaders as well - but I guess at 73 I've lost the "killer" in me.
Good shooting budies! Good hunting!
Harry B.
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