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Practice Methods when you can't Live Fire

A lot has been said about aiming, shooting, and hitting your target under the stress of a gunfight. Most seem to agree that shooting a lot is the best strategy for practice. However, none of the ranges in my area allow drawing from concealment, or even rapid-firing (usually they will allow double taps as long as it is controlled). Below is one drill I do 3-4 times a week for 10 or 15 minutes - for practice when I can't shoot live, and for those techniques the ranges won't allow on their firing line. I am fairly new to CCW, and invite your analysis or feedback, and hope you'll share your training thoughts and practice drills.

This is all based on a scenario of an encounter with a BG where you draw from CCW and need to fire first (because otherwise you wouldn't draw - right?). With an verified unloaded gun, i chamber a snap cap and re-holster it. The drill is to make one motion and draw, thumb the safety off, put the gun on target and pull the trigger - keeping the gun on target. I quickly re-cock the hammer (to simulate cycling the action) and then complete the double tap. I always verify the sight picture after the second faux shot.

Anyway, I think i'm accomplishing the following:
a) practice drawing from concealment until it is fluid, fast, and automatic.
b) becoming intimate with the trigger in both single and double action.
c) Making the safety release automatic, every time i draw the gun.
d) drawing down on a target fast and BEING on target - fast and automatic.
e) making point-shoot as deadly as aim-take your time-shoot.

Am curious how the rest of you train when you can't perforate paper. So far this seems to have definitely improved my quick-shooting at the range.
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