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Alloy 1911 frame question

I have a Kimber Pro CDP--4-inch barrel with alloy frame. I'm curious about the wear occuring at the feed ramp area of the frame. The frame is black anodized but there is now the silver of the aluminum coming through where it must get impacted by rounds being fed. Nothing major, but I'm curious if this is purely a cosmetic thing?

I've got another full sized Kimber with a steel frame and at least 3000 rounds through it. It shows zero wear at the ramp, but of course it's steel. I love shooting both but am now favoring the 5" steel gun at the range. I'd like to practice as much as poss with the CDP as I carry it more as it's a great size and weight

Is wear on the feed ramp area of an alloy framed 1911 just part of having an alu frame? Should I just shoot away at the range or think more about a finite round count? Curious what kind of lifespan differences between a steel and aluminum framed 1911. Also...does ball ammo ding up the feed ramp of an alu gun less than HP's?
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