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Many people refer to certain drug crimes as "victimless" crimes, but that is, unfortunately a misnomer. It is victimless only when the user of drugs acts in a manner that does not endanger others. Driving while intoxicated (drugs or alcohol) is not victimless. Nor are homicides that occur because the perpetrator was delusional under drugs or neglected the baby in the bathtub.
But the drug is not the cause of the crime, and blaming the drug for what the person did is no different than blaming the gun for the actions of the shooter.

Driving while intoxicated IS victimless, as long as I do not hit anyone. Running your vehicle into another person or another person's property does have a victim, but it should not matter WHY you hit the vehicle, because whether you hit me because you were too fatigued, drunk, stoned, or just distracted by talking to your passenger, you still hit me. There are studies showing that a 30 year old man with a BAC of .12 has faster and better reactions than a sober 80 year old, but the old man is legal to drive while the young drunk man is not. Similarly, cell phone use while driving has been shown to be more dangerous than DUI.

A homicide is similarly wrong- the homicide is the crime, and it shouldn't matter if you are drunk, or hate me because of my race, sex, or clothing choice. The murder is the crime, the motor vehicle collision is the crime, not the reason behind it.

A 15 year old girl willingly has sex with her 18 year old boyfriend, and is the initiator in the act. In fact, she lies and tells him she is 18- even to the point of showing the lad a fake ID supporting her statement. Guess who becomes the convicted felony sex offender when the cops find out?

With all that said, we use the above actions to deny people their rights. This is wrong and ridiculous.
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