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44AMP - well said.

Many people refer to certain drug crimes as "victimless" crimes, but that is, unfortunately a misnomer. It is victimless only when the user of drugs acts in a manner that does not endanger others. Driving while intoxicated (drugs or alcohol) is not victimless. Nor are homicides that occur because the perpetrator was delusional under drugs or neglected the baby in the bathtub.

I once said that I'd be in favor of allowing felons to get their rights back, but only after their first imprisonment or sentencing (with exceptions). They would have to serve the full sentence* and remain free from further felonies or violent crimes for some period - 5 years - before getting back any rights. Any subsequent felony conviction strips them of their voting rights, right to hold office and 2A rights permanently. We give you one chance to redeem yourself. At the same time, some crimes must be lowered to misdemeanors OR the limitations on misdemeanor fines increased.

* A full sentence may include up to 1 year of parole with a clean prison record to get the person back into a normal societial role.
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