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Harry , Not to argue just to clarify a few points you made

after 300 yards bullet velocity falls way off and hold over increases expotentialy!
I certainly wouldn't advocate holding over as an accurate means of extending range, I am zeroed at 200 yds. and dial for elevation and windage.
Hunters, and shooters who claim long range shots just plainly don't know how far 100 or 200 yards is!
Very true, That's why a laser rangefinder is a must.


Vermin don't concern me
Really ? Do they somehow die a less miserable death ?

Just because one can, doesn't mean one should
It dosen't mean that with the proper equipment and LOTS of practice that they shouldn't either.

Pushing the level of shot outside of a "routine" shot risk a miserable death all for one's ego
Every person here probabally has a different definition of "routine". Believe me when I say that for me it has nothing to do with ego, I shoot stock ( with the exception of lightening the trigger ) Savage model 12's with weaver grandslam scopes not $5,000 customs with nightforce optics.
I enjoy the science involved in shooting at extended range. I also enjoy hunting so the two go hand in hand. I too enjoy my time in the tree stand durring bow season and muzzleloader season.

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