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What happens if guns are banned:?

I replied to this posting with what I believe to be real life answers.

this question cannot be answered in a direct format because IMHO our guns will never be banned. the question might as well be "WHAT WILL WE DO IF ONE DAY THE SKY FALLS DOWN?" my point is not to demean the original poster of this thread but to point out that this is not a reality there are more than 35 million handguns alone in the United States according to the National Statistics for crime prevention as surveyed in 2000

America is an armed nation, we always have been since the Declaration of Independence.

I agree that if the government ever did ban our guns they would most certainly lose their jobs the next election, look what happened to Clinton and his cronies after his AWB anti gun politicians all over the congress and white house lost their jobs!

IMHO our government will be focused on far more important things that are currently facing this nation, the crumbling economy, loss of jobs, guns are just not big enough to add to this list at this point in time and so will be taking a back seat in the legislature.

I watched all the debates this election year, can anyone remember the topic of gun control ever even brought up durring any of this besides the fella in michigan who asked a question to Joe Biden "are my babies going to be safe"?

the topic of gun control did not get much emphasis durring this election campaign year .
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