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long range

I appreciate that long range shooting can be done. Long Rifle - thanks for your service to the country - but you're just in a different class than the average, even good, shooter!
The fact remains that after 300 yards bullet velocity falls way off and hold over increases expotentialy! Hunters, and shooters who claim long range shots just plainly don't know how far 100 or 200 yards is! And, as I said, most game, unwounded, should not be fired at much beyond 200 yards. I've been gunsmithing and yes, rifle building, for Viet Nam era snipers, F.B.I. and Desert Storm pilots for years. Yes, we're speaking about hunting here, not sniping at man size targets! We're talking about rifles sighted in for maybe 200 yards, not special class weapons - and we're talking about the laws of ballistics also - long range shooting, yea, it's done - but by specialists with sighted in rifles like Jims for 1000 yard shooting. And we're speaking about cleanly and as humanely as possible killing game animals at reasonable ranges.
I'm clearly aware of German and other experimental weapons that achieved tremendous muzzle velocities, and their long range capability.
All I'm saying is just what a man like Finn Aagaard said who really hunted even the big stuff that most of us (get that - "most of us") have no business shooting at unwounded game at much over 200 yards. I'll stand on that - notwithstanding crazy claims made by shooters who have no conception of yardage.
If you treally wand to talk about accurate shooting how about Herbert Warner with a muzzle loading rifle a primitive telecopic sight at 220 yards in "practice" shooting signing the first letter of his last name (W) consistently!
Harry B.
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