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I also consider some of the blanket statements made here as an attack of their character. Not cool.
Blanket statements are the problem here . If you feel that your effective range is 300 yds fine , I've seen very experianced deer hunters that shouldn't shoot beyond 100 yds because that's the ranges they hunt at ( thick cover ) . I saw ( witnessed / couldn't believe ) a guy shoot a 1200# black cow during a doe day last year because he thought he heard something in the brush ( good thing it wasn't wearing blaze ). Everybody posting here has varying experiance levels and we train differently for different hunting conditions. So blanket statements don't fit.

We hunt ridge to ridge where the shortest shot might be 300 yds. and the longest 800yds. We practice at those ranges it is NOT a "STUNT" it requires many hours of practice, load development , understanding of ballistics and time in the trigger year round, not the week before season opens. I spend anywhere from 10 to 20 hours a week (every week) in the field or at the range firing lots of rounds in two calibers. So a stunt it is not, nor is it luck, when I fire a round I know where it is going within an inch or two. Each time, everytime.

So who is going to define the "Average guy " ?
Is it the guy who picks up his rifle and heads out to hunt but hasn't touched it since last season ? Is it the guy who makes the long haul to the range twice a month and does his best to keep his finger in the trigger ? Or , is it the guy who just enjoys shooting and getting the best out of his equipment and hunting is an added bonus ?

I don't encourage anyone to undertake this type hunting lightly. It is a commitment of time money etc..
But I wouldn't discourage anyone that was willing to do the work .

I enjoy shooting at long range . Probabally because I have an engineering background and the math and science of it I find interesting . Hunting is an added bonus.


Let the flogging begin er, continue
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