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There won't be a weapons ban

That is still political suicide in some least until our open boarders have allowed the liberals to maintain a super majority . [edited]

The way it will be done is to attack the manufacturers, distributors and retailers of weapons and ammunition.

Recently there was an attempt to enact a law that would require a serial number for each and every round of ammo produced. This was proposed under the guise of crime was really an attempt to increase the cost of ammunition to prohibitive levels so that Joe the plumber could not afford to shoot his weapon..then only the hypocritical liberal wealthy elite could afford to buy ammunition..

I read recently about some credit card companies not allowing gun purchases with their cards..

Some ways the Federal government can attack firearms possession indirectly.

The ATF can make life much more miserable for FFL holders than they do already. Increase the fees and onerous paper work requirement (see California.)

Harass the insurance companies who provide insurance for the gun industry.

How about back ground investigation for anyone involved in the supply chain. Drivers, dock workers , warehouse employees. salesmen..

bullets..they have LEAD,MERCURY AND EXPLOSIVE POWDER as part of their components don't they!!!.....I see increased hazardous materials fees and regulation of ammunition.

I'm sure manufactures of firearms and ammunition know many more of these death by a thousand cuts than I have listed here.

There are many many ways a a anti-gun administration can increase the costs dramatically.
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