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Jim Keenan said:
The .32 Special came about because many shooters and hunters liked the .32 caliber. Ballistically nearly identical to the .30-30, it also allowed Winchester to use the same drilling and rifling tooling they used for the .32-20 (.32 Winchester Center Fire) but for a more powerful cartridge.
Don't think that's quite right. The .32/20 uses a .312" bullet whereas the .32 Special uses a .321". The usual story concerning the .32 Special, & it may be just an urban legend, is that folks were trying, unsuccesfully, to reload their .30/30 cases with blackpowder as reloading with smokeless was still a new development. Apparently Winchester marketed the .32 Special as being suitable for reloading with BP due to its slightly larger bore diameter & slower rifling twist rate.
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