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I found this on another forum, this is not coming from me. Caution, this is not official pronouncement, I would recommend that you ask your local sheriff as he is the permit issuing authority. (BTW, It also appears that those with NC carry licenses are exempted from the permit to purchase).

I went to two sheriff offices today, Surry County and Forsyth County, NC.

I posed the question regarding both C&R holders and Dealers as to whether or not they were exempted from NC 14-402, the requirement to obtain a handgun purchase permit. I spoke first with Surry County Sheriff Office. What a great bunch of guys there BTW. The retired deputy who I spoke with is also a C&R Holder and was quite knowledgeable in the matter. He clearly stated it was not necessary to obtain a handgun purchase permit for C&R holders, and likewise Dealers. He stated, that often times NC State law does not "jive" well with federal law and thus FFL holders were not noted in the statute. There were two other deputies in the office and we had a great discussion about guns. A very pro-gun group of guys at that department.

I then drove down to Forsyth County Sheriff Office in Winston-Salem. I posed the same question. And while the guy behind the glass window was borderline on his death bed (must've been almost 80 - no offense intended) he also stated that if you (I) have an FFL of any kind that a purchase permit is not required. He stated, "your FFL is your purchase permit".

So, that said - I feel I'm safe to assume that it's legal to purchase a handgun using your C&R license without having to obtain a purchase permit in accordance with NC 14-402.
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