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Long Range?

I hear alot, anymore about long range shooting.
Yes, I'm aware it can be done but I frown on it for game hunting.

Very, very few of us realize how far, truly, 100 yards is. Fewer yet concieve of 200 yards! I would suppose that most of the big game shot in this country and in Africa and Alaska are shot at not more than 150 yards in reality. I know there are shots who can connect at 400 and 500 yards - not me, certainly. Finn Aagaard, lately passed, an experienced African and American hunter said, "Most of us have no business shooting at unwounded game at much over 200 yards." I, for one, agree whole heartedly!
I have people (one with an old P17 Enfield with open sights on it) stand and tell me he regularly shot groundhogs at 500 yards with it! I just looked at him, not saying a word - I didn't work on his rifle!
I know one young man with a 338 Remington ultra-mag who loads 3 grains over max. book with a two ounce trigger and a large muzzle brake, who shoots at gound hogs at a mile! You cannot see one at a mile! "Oh, yes I can with my 20 power scope." Yes, I imagine he might - but hit one? no chance!
Bullets lose velocity at extended ranges; only rotational velocity remains fairly high.
In this country, we are obsessed with high velocities, high pressure, high recoil and high power scopes - and still - most game killed reliably and humanely is well within 200 yards!
Harry B.
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