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no letter prefix. i am confused i thought this thing was a model ten. huh
Based on your picture, it's a 1930s-vintage .38 Military & Police Model of 1905, 4th Change. It's the predecessor to the Model 10.

See my earlier note about keeping +P ammo far, far away from this gun...
poor thing is a beater, maybe i'll get a two inch barrel for it and call it my carry gun.
NO!! STOP!!! It looks like it's in pretty good original condition for a 4th Change! Yeah, the finish is worn, but it's not too bad. Too many Model of 1905s have already been turned into "gun show specials" when someone flippantly hacked the barrel- PLEASE don't create another one!

If you must hack up an M&P, please choose a 4" tapered barrel C- or D-prefix Model 10... they're plentiful. If cash is short, I'm sure you can find a knowledgeable collector who will buy this nice old 4th Change from you for more than what that Model 10 will cost. I'd make an offer but I just emptied my cookie jar to buy a Lee-Enfield No.4 MkI.

{EDIT} BTW the gun appears C&R eligible based on the serial number; the only question is whether or not it's been modified. If it's C&R, you can legally sell it to an out-of-state C&R FFL, and you're allowed to ship it to them. Please post more pictures so we can check it out.
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