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Gun Control

I live in West Virginia. And West Virginia is a Democratic state that turned Republican for President for one reason only. Gun Control. If Al Gore would have carried WV(As he should have if he was not for Gun Control) then he would have won the election. That is how close it was. The Democrats did not learn that, and IMO GC also cost Kerry the election. They have learned this time, and they are shutting their mouths about guns. But believe me if Obama wins he will then open his mouth about gun control--so get ready.

The biggest problem is that I never thought McCain was a wimp!! But I really believe he is. If I were running for President I would have torn into Obama's ***. But McCain did not tear into him, and I can not for the life of me understand why. What could it hurt, he is losing anyhow.

I personally do not care for either one of them. I actually believe either VP candidate would make a better President.

I am a registered Democrat. But I am really torn between these two guys. I honestly do not know what to do. I find it hard to believe that these are the two best guys that we could come up with.

Guns are important to me. But I personally believe the economy is the bigger issue. The problem is I do not think either one of them have any idea what to do about the economy. And Obama actually scares me more on the macro economy. But since I am retired, the Micro economy actually affects my personal finances more. And I think Obama will be better for the little guys like me. But I personally think his economic ideas could tear the economy into 4 pieces. I personally believe it is already torn into 2 pieces. Tom.
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