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Another AWB question: can they take them?

Ok, I know the whole Assault Weapon Ban thing has been near beaten to death, but I'm starting to get a little panicky.
I do not own any rifles currently. I have a couple that I would like to pick up in the near future, as I think we may see another ban coming up and this may be my last chance.

My question is this:
If a new, more restrictive, heavy handed ban is enacted, is there a realistic chance that people would have to turn in their "assault weapons"?
Is there any reason (besides the second amendment, which doesn't really seem to matter anyway) the government could not say:
"these weapons are now illegal to possess; if you have one you are in violation of federal law and may be prosecuted if you do not relinquish said firearm."?

I don't know if I'm worrying needlessly, but I hate the thought of spending thousands of dollars on something, and then getting a letter telling me I have to go turn it in to my local police dept.
I can't really afford them right now to begin with, but if this is going to be it as far as buying a rifle, I'm going to have to figure out a way.
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