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One would think that with most states now having a mag-stripe on your D/L or ID, that scanning the card could perform an electronic check of your citizenship status. At the polls, this could help reduce voter fraud.

In fact, using a card-scan plus a thumbprint scan could seriously elminate voter fraud. Even if you held several fake ID's, your thumbprint won't match the one on file and/or it might be able to detect that your thumbprint was already used with another ID.

Opinion: Voter fraud should be taken very seriously. If caught, the person should be detained for police to arrest. The penalty should also be serious - 12 years on the first offense. Conspiracy to violate election laws by fraudulent voting or use of false ID's, should be a 20 year sentence. Adding a $250,000 fine for each illegal vote cast may never be paid back, but would also be a deterrent.
Exemptions would be made for those assisting a disabled person in voting, such as the blind, stroke or paralysis victims, etc.
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