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in terms of projectile distance; manual loaded powder vs. pre-measured jacket/bullet

yo, forgive me if this is a silly question.

i am inquiring into any possible credence to a thought regarding the difference in projectile distance between that of using manual/custom amounts of black powder with ball shot versus that of the controlled and measured propellant amount used within the jacket of a bullet.

would control of the black powder used in a manual loading weapon affect the amount of force behind the ball and thus increase its overall distance? i'd say it would, but my chemistry and physics is crap. just thought that i'd ask people who knew what they were talking about.

oh and this is just theoretical, as i figure messing about with the amounts of black powder used is life-threatening and silly, nor is it something i am going to go off and do once i get the answer. i'm trying to write a period piece and just wanted to know if it was a realistic, if risky, technical advantage to black powder. thanks for any help.
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