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The professor is a problem, as are most. I'm tempted to refer to a scene from a recent movie as to the state of academia, but it's inseperable from the movie's political message, so I'll refrain.

In any case, there is another problem that the gun community regularly fails to identify. It's the PR angle. It's easier to convince a reasonable non-shooter that 2A advocates are extremists, than to convince the same person that anti-gunners are extremist. That's because 2A advocates must necessarily refuse to compromise, recognizing the gradual erosion that will eventually result in the extinction of gun rights. Time is on the side of anti-gunners, and each successive generation, they can convince the increasing numbers of non-shooters that their proposed restrictions and and limitations are reasonable and serve noble purposes, and opposing them is thus unreasonable.

Arguing won't work. It takes too much time, too much thought, too much effort, on behalf of an otherwise apathetic person to understand the point of view of the 2A advocate.

But you can help. Get people out shooting. Make new shooters, or at least show anti-2A folks that guns don't turn them into maniacs or create their own accidents. Show people that the existing restrictions are nonsensical and ineffective. And explain to them the need to avoid making small concessions, as history shows that it's a gradual effort to whittle gun rights down to nothing. Exposure and understanding are the only hopes to win the PR war, which is already critically important only going to get more important in the future.
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