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well i think im gonna go for a stainless 58 remmy from cabellas its more than i want to spend but what the hell im going for it. i really dont like the look of the blued steel so im gonna stick with stainless. i have a link to the two guns the one is the remmy the other is a colt, the only thing holding me back from buying a colt is i was told due to it not having a top strap that the barrel will soon become loose and need fixing, and i do not know how to do this. as i am still a noob. here are the links. oh by the way these guns are not for compotition they are for protection in the wilderness of alaska.(so keeping this in mind what do u sugest long barrel or should i stick with the 5.5)?



and this is the colt,,,,

also i will have a rifle this is a link to the rifle i bought and man do i love it!

and the best part is it is on sale right now only $199.99!!! i only use 777 .50 cal pellets in this rifle.
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