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Closed top frame.

Stainless finish.
.44/.45 cal.
Cartridge conversion available.
Less than $250.
Capable of 45 gr bp load
You can get None in SS for $ the Web and Auctions like Gunbroker and Auction Arms, you may get lucky.

None with 45gr of BP... 40gr max with Rems...w/conversion to .45 Colt drop in 255gr soft lead flat point 35gr Goex BP fffg...plenty to stop a Bear if need be.
I don't hunt Man or Beast with jus' a Revolver or handgun...but carry one with a Rifle.

Have a Pietta 1858 Rem .44 Blued very good condition $180 + Shipping.

Rogers & Spencer .44 by Euroarms is another choice but not under $250.

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