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The bp bug has bit me!

hello, i am really new to all this but the bug has bit me and i would like some help.
i'm looking for a bp revolver in stainless,that has a 5 1/2" barrel,in 44 or 45 cal. that also has an cartridge converter that i can buy for it later down the road.i like the top strap on my guns i dont like the opentop ones(but here is my delimma) i like the grip of the opentop colts, not the grip on the closedtop remmys. the only gun i have found so far that meets my requrerments is the ruger old army in stainless with fixed sights and a 5.5" barrel, but from what i can gather ruger no longer makes them and the only ones i seem to find online are way too much, im looking to spend no more than $200. so here is the other question if i get a gun repro that has the top strap can i get some cosmetic work done to get the grips to look like i want them? also what gun would you all suggest as a good gun that meets most of my requrerments. i will end up buying a pair and taking them along with my remmington genisis with me to alaska which is where i will be moving soon. i awaite you replys as you guys know way more than i do.

P.S. the revolvers will be used for small game and protection from wolves.unless i can give the guns a full 50 grain charge of 777. and it will bring down something bigger. Also do you think my rem genisis is going to be able to stop a bear if need be? thanx all for helping this noob

P.P.S. can i also get the gun converted to double action?

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