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Akins vs ATF federal district court pleadings & briefs

I was unable to post this at the legal/civil rights forum section.

The below has just been released to various 2nd amendment and firearm sites (along with this one) online.

There have been numerous inaccuracies online regarding the recent federal district court order granting the ATF's motion to dismiss my case without hearing it. Until now, people have only had access to and read the federal district court's order and have not seen all the briefs and pleadings regarding the case and therefore could not possibly understand the case and its issues.

In my continuing effort to inform former customers, supporters of the 2nd amendment and the firearms community at large, I have asked my attorney John Monroe to post and make available a link to all briefs and pleadings concerning the case. There is much I would like to be able to say, but since we are appealing the case to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, I cannot answer any questions nor comment on any particulars of the case at this time. All the briefs and pleadings for the federal district court case are contained in the below link with the exception of over 160 pages of discovery information of which many of the pertinent points are covered in the briefs and pleadings. All people have to do is read it. Hopefully this will clear up any misconceptions and misinformation currently existing online. Please feel free to disburse this at your website or any online site. Here is the link....

Sincerely, Bill Akins
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