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Just how hard were those 1000+ permit holders working to change the law in their favor over the last several years to protect themselves? The risk of losing the permits has always been there. It sounds like trying to close the barn door after the cows got out. Somebody should have closed the door long ago.
Our commissars may be brain damaged but they aren't entirely stupid (although many would disagree), they have successfully used the divide and conquer tactic for decades. First aiming the law at minorities, and then as race discrimination became unacceptable they moved to the privileged vs the common citizen.
  • Judges are kept happy because they have easy access to permits and longer permit terms.
  • The politically connected are happy because sheriffs trade permits for favors.
  • The wealthy are kept happy because most have easy access to permits - as long as they keep donating.
  • The police unions are kept happy because their members and retirees are exempt, the the public employee unions rule this state.
And it feels oh sooooo good to have something that nobody else can have. To be special. To be a privileged class. So no one in any of those groups will lend their support to cleaning up a corrupt system and extending the right to bear arms to commoners. The exception really has been Orange County where many of these people have been active in trying to open up the process and thought that they had chosen a sheriff that would open it up to almost everybody. Unfortunately he turned out to be a crook and got himself busted, and now they are now saddled with an unelected elitist hack.

If California had free elections (we don't) we might be able to run candidates that were more to our liking.
  • A powerful but unpopular sheriff facing defeat by a judge used his connections to pass a ban on commoners running for sheriff.
  • Scientifically gerrymandered districts make it impossible to defeat the ruling party in the legislature.
  • Campaign finance laws are designed to make party leaders (extremists) king makers.
  • A wildly left wing press corp backs the current system. They will tell any lie and withhold any facts and hype any issue necessary to keep leftists running the state.
Next month we go to the polls to do something about gerrymandering.
This year will probably see incorporation and then loaded open carry bans challenged under Heller. It's coming but it's taking time.
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