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Originally Posted by Tennessee Gentleman
OK, but doesn't it mean that the court is more attuned to what the body politic wants than many believe?
Or does it mean the Court is more in tune with what the Legislative and Executive branches will allow them to decide, and enforce their decision?

Originally Posted by Tennessee Gentleman
So the question is how much does public desire shape what the court decides?
Public desire is what (generally - there are exceptions) shapes the form of laws the Congress writes. The New Deal could not have happened, without almost total public support. It was with that support that FDR (and his Congress) was able to achieve what they did.

Originally Posted by Tennessee Gentleman
Does the SCOTUS have any fear that if they get too way with their decisions out that they might become less relevant or even ignored?
Again, they may be some of that, but it is more about what the Congress will do and about what the Executive is willing to enforce (constitutional mandate, notwithstanding).
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