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Florida: 30,000 Felons on voter rosters

This popped up on my radar...

Many convicted felons remain on voter rolls, according to Sun Sentinel investigation
Thousands who should be ineligible are registered to vote,3762352.story

More than 30,000 Florida felons who by law should have been stripped of their right to vote remain registered to cast ballots in this presidential battleground state, a Sun Sentinel investigation has found.

Many are faithful voters, with at least 4,900 turning out in past elections.

Another 5,600 are not likely to vote Nov. 4 — they're still in prison.

Of the felons who registered with a party, Democrats outnumber Republicans more than two to one.

Florida's elections chief, Secretary of State Kurt Browning, acknowledged his staff has failed to remove thousands of ineligible felons because of a shortage of workers and a crush of new registrations in this critical swing state.

Browning said he was not surprised by the newspaper's findings. "I'm kind of shocked that the number is as low as it is," he said.

Asked how many ineligible felons may be on Florida's rolls, Browning said, "We don't know."

See the full story for more details.

Now, my opinion is that not having sufficient staff or funding to weed out these ineligible voters negatively affects my civil rights as well as yours. This is especially true given the political demographics of most felons and likely many illegals.

Have we gone too far in making voter registration too easy? Shouldn't it require answering a few important questions kind of like the 4473 form?

The recent abuses of ACORN tell me that if you can sign someone up to vote more than 20 times, we probably have a huge voter fraud problem in quite a few states. The question is, how do we limit the problem?
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