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Quote: "Well Abrams have so much thicker, higher strength armor,
that you can't puncture with any conventional non-explosive,
non-rocket projectile, from a shoulder fired gun.
Even WW2 bazookas won't hardly bother an Abrams. Ed"

Such a weapon is already being used against our tanks and armor in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although it is not really considered a conventional shoulder fired projectile it can certainly be fired from a bipod or mount. It's not really an explosive and it's not really a gun either. It is somewhere in between. It's basically a metal tube packed with a charge and a primer. The projectile itself is just a big chunk of copper made into a slug. So they set up the device, pack the charge, load the copper slug in there and point it at any tank rolling down the road, and set it off. You want to talk about devestating? That copper slug has so much thermal energy when it hits the armor that it litteraly melts it's way through the armor. It turns everything inside the tank into a milkshake or slushy because when it exits out the other side it leaves all it's thermal and kinetic energy in the tank. It is very nasty, and very effective at defeating armor.
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