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I own 2 ROA`S with R&D conversion cylinders ..the Rugers seem to shoot the 45 LC better than my other conversion pistols ( several Remingtons )..To me they are well worth the bucks ..These Rugers are built like a tank ..and the conversion cylinders are American made ..good steel 4140 grade ....I never shoot the +P ammo in them because the Cylinder chamber walls are not as thick as a revolver chambered for the 44 mag or the guns chambered for the + P 45 loads if you want 44 mag get a Super Black Hawk ...but with standard factory 45 loads ..not a problem . The ROA is built on the BlackHawk frame ..built for 357 mag loads so these pictols will take it ...I use much lighter loads in my conversion Remingtons ....( Itilian steel ) ..even though the cylinders are American made ...the Remingtons just aren`t built as tough as the Ruger . The weight of the ROA handles the recoil of the 45 colt loads well...they are a pleasure to shoot...I shoot black powder and smokeless loads in mine ..never a problem with eaither does help to reload ...45`s are getting expencive ...I do realod and keep pressures moderate as suggested in the instructions with the cylinders`s the chamber wall thickness you have to worrie about , not the steel .
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