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He's asking a question, PBP. Why don't you offer an answer before you question or assign motives?
Because he prefaced the question with the fact that he is not allowed a CCW permit in his state. Taken as written he could be asking if he is taking a greater risk by drawing an illegal weapon than he would be if he was legally carrying. So giving him advice on the risks of drawing an illegal weapon is to a degree condoning carrying an illegal weapon in the first place.

That is why I would like clarification on the nature of his question before offering advice on what action he should take. If he is carrying illegally he will most likely be prosecuted regardless of circumstance if he draws his weapon. If he is simply asking about how it would happen in another state that has CCW then that is a different matter. Asking for clarification is not a negative. It is the best thing to do. It provides a whole less material for antis.
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