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The professor said that I would kill and die for my beliefs makes me the same as those we are fighting against in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I would have to say I agree with this point - to a certain extent. The insurgents who are of Iraqi descent are patriots, much like what we had back in late 18th century. They believe in their way of life and wish others to leave them alone. The only difference is we were not taxing them to death, treating them like slaves, or taking their products from them and naming our own price which they must agree with prior to the conflict. I have heard stories (probably mythical) of an insurgent nicknamed "Phantom." he was one of the Iraqi national insurgents who from all accounts merely wanted the presence of all foreign powers out of Iraq. He sniped at not only U.S. Marines but, from eyewitness accounts, also took down insurgents who used women and children as shields. He cared not for pure blood shed but for his country to be at peace and left alone by foreign powers. He was and as far as I know still is a patriot towards country and his fellow men. That is what we are as patriots. Those who would defend our freedom with our lives and would not surrender it without fighting tooth and nail. We as patriots are defined by the constitution as the militia, whose who defend as a last resort against tyranny, and IMHO both foreign and not just domestic. We are the foundation of this country as citizens and as such we are required to cherish our freedoms. For when we forget what it cost, it is easy to give up "freedom for security."


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