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So, What You're saying then is the Sheriff can just willy nilly say who can carry, and who can not?
Remember, These are law abiding citizens we are talking about here.
Well Bruce, that is the law. It is up to the sheriff because it is a "may issue" law, not a "shall issue" law (although some places go through a judge, I understand, but many/most go through the local law enforcement). You can call it willy nilly or whatever you like because you don't agree with the parameters, but that doesn't change the law.

Of course they are law abiding people. If they weren't, they would not have been given CCWs in the first place. There will be plenty more law abiding people who won't get CCWs because the current sheriff will deny the requests because of a lack of justification. It doesn't make it right, but that is how it is.
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