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The way it works here is that issue is purely discretionary. In about half of the (mostly rural) counties CCWs are relatively easy to come by. In the urban centers and a couple of rural counties they are almost impossible to come by. In Los Angeles for example excellent political connections, and throwing celebrity filled campaign fund raisers for the sheriff are the only "good cause" necessary. On the other hand a mere common citizen with a clean record that could document that there is a contract out on their life would probably not be considered to have a good enough cause.

Orange County went from a sheriff famous for only issuing to cronies and contributers to a new sheriff that opened up permits to anyone with a clean record and something resembling good cause. Unfortunately he got caught with his hand deeply in the cookie jar and has been replaced with an anti gun political hack. She's in the process of routinely denying new permits and renewals, and revoking as many existing permits as possible. I suspect that things will eventually settle down into good cause being strictly defined as being a crony, political ally, or major contributer. But it's hard to say right now with her in full disarm the public mode. Since it is for all intents and purposes impossible to unseat a sitting sheriff she's likely there for life. We have a no Beauford Pussers law to prevent the peasantry from running for that office.
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