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Unfortunately, I think the problem is with our society's view of the word "terrorist". Really, what is a terrorist? During the revolutionary war, American troops hid behind cover, use quick-attack, hit and run tactics. All of that is common place today. Yet at the time, when the standard tactic was to get into lines 50 yards appart on an open field and lob musket balls at eachother til one side quit, these tactics were called "terrorism".

Your professor was kind of right. Many people would label you a terrorist. Im sure the Hajis fighting against our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq call us "Invaders" or "Conquerors" etc etc. They probably look at US troops the way we look at the enemy soldiers in the movie Red Dawn. People would label you a terrorist because that has become the popular word to call pretty much anyone we disagree with strongly. I believe your professor and much of society miss uses the word and calls people Terrorists that do no meet the definition.

Your professor was also kind of wrong. You would not be a terrorist. Neither are those who plant road-side bombs to kill US soldiers. They are enemy soldiers using the only means they have. The obviously cannot stand up to us in tranditional combat, so they are doing what they have to do to survive. The only difference between the "Minutemen" in American history and the "Terrorists" in the current day middle east is what they're fighting for.

My overall point is this - I think your Professor was thinking one of two things. 1) He was angry that you disagreed with his point of view thus threw out the popular buzz word/insult of the generation - Terrorist. He was trying to discredit you by associating you with a group that our society hates. or 2) He is a smart man that was trying to point out that a freedom fighter to one group of people is a terrorist to another group a people. If option 2 is correct, you got angry and left before he had a chance to make his point.

Don't take this post as an insult or agreement with the prof. I'll hand you loaded mags till you go down. Then I'll take over your sector of fire.
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