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Second Amendment Extremist View?

Okay this really upset me. I was in my Social Problems Course and the professor was talking about gun control and the professor asked a portion of the class their beliefs on gun control, most of them said the thought only police and military should have them and they should be taken away from civilians. The professor asked me and I said that not only should it be our right but our duty as Americans to utilize all of our amendments to the best of our ability. The professor asked what I would do if the government banned all civilians from having guns and demanded that all gun owners turn in their weapons I replyed the usual, molon labe, from my cold dead hands, and my ammo first. The professor said that I would kill and die for my beliefs makes me the same as those we are fighting against in Iraq and Afghanistan. The professor went on to say that some one who beliefs in the second amendment so strongly is essentially a terrorist. I was outraged so I got up and left the class and said only this "I am sorry our views conflict with each other but when you can discuss this in an objective manner I will be more than happy to return." I want to know what some other "well educated" people thought about this statement that "molon labe", "over my dead body", "from my cold dead hands" are extremist and terroristic views?
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