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If you can't tell, I'm extremely mistrustful of authority figures who have too much power.
Here Here!! Sounds a lot like some people I learned about in history class...Some guy named Washington, and I think there was one named Jefferson. Oooh Oooh, and I think Franklin and Hancock ring a bell too!!

The fact is, the main reason that our country came to be was a general mistrust of a large federal government. Some say it was "taxation without representation", others say it was "a freedom of religion" issue etc etc, but all of those issues are encompassed by the idea of a mistrust of "the king". That also explains why orriginally the federal government was extremely week - it couldnt even collect taxes!
Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms should be an aisle at Wal-Mart, not a government agency!

Only faithful men teach their wives to shoot.
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