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basic questions on use of Springfield 187

I have had this gun in the original package for over 30 years.
I am now retired and would like to do some recreational shooting (tin cans for now). Before I ask a neighbor for help, I have some basic "how not to look like a complete idiot" questions. The instructions say (basically) to remove the loader tube and put the shells in facing forward.

In where ?
I removed the long tube under the barrel. There is a red plastic string plugged into the trigger end of the removed tube and just flopping loose. How do I load the 22's? Do I remove the plastic string and put the shells into the tube??
How many can I put in? (Are you laughing yet ?).

How is the first shell brought up into the chamber (is it called a chamber)?

Is there a safety (is it the little metal slide on top near the stock?)

Every how often should I clean the gun?

All/any help appreciated.
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