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inline rifles

well guys i have a question for you all

i been shooting and using black powder for a loooong time,,,and i have killed a pile of deer with patch and ball,,and so i have a hard time with the NEW FANGLED stuff

but a fella at work is trying to get his TC Omega to shoot,, and he is using power belt bullets and pellets,,,,what ever that means,,,now i have looked at these and they look like copper jacket bullets,,,,and the pellets,,what the hell is that????

well yesterday he told me he was getting lead out of his barrel when he cleaned it,,,i guess since i haven't seen one of these power belt bullets except in pix of them,,,,how is he getting lead in the bore of his rifle????

now i am not bashing these rifles or the guys that are using them,,,i know they are the THING,,,,just not for me,,,,,i just don't get where the lead is coming from with these bullets

he wants to get this gun to shoot accurately at 200+ yards,,,,ok that is do able,,,and he says he has to clean every shot,,, or after two he can't get the bullet down the barrel with out a lot of trouble

sounds like the fire is to hot to me,,,so i told him to try some of the lead bullets with the grease on them and some loose powder,,this gun has a 1-28 twist,,,so those TC maxi balls or the buffalo bullets should fly ok,, they are in the same weight range,,,only the bullet is on the bore and the have some grease on them to keep the fouling soft

he is asking me and i told him i was a traditional shooter and so i don't know how much i could help,,cuzz i don't know anything about these new fangled guns and bullets,,,,and these pellet things

so fellas,,any thing you can tell me to help this guy out????,,,i already told him to get a real muzzle loader,,,he laughed a little and said,,,"well i do have a muzzle loader",,,so i just smiled and kept my mouth shut

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