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Can I do it this way, without damaging something?

About a year ago my old Mossberg started having extraction problems. Took it to the local smith who cleaned out the chamber with a special tool. He said that it had a bunch of built up plastic and the like in there.

Solved the problem.

Over the last few months I've fired LOTS of CHEAP shells through it without a hitch. That is until today. Had one stick at the range.

Looks like those CHEAP shells have made a mess in there again. They are dirty to shoot.........

So what I want to know is if I can just take a bit of emery cloth or corse steel wool and scrub out the chamber? Will I damage anything, or will I make things worse.

The wire brush I use for the barrel does not fit the chamber tight enough to do any good.........

I'll wait for instructions before attacking it.
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