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S&W 10-5, s/n C819xxx. Guessing 1962-63..?
We inherited a Smith and Wesson Military and Police Revolver... It has an S which I believe is the model type. The serial number is 932xxx.
The "S" denotes a post-1944 "Safety" sliding hammer block rather than the earlier pivoting hammer block. The gun was made in late 1947 to early 1948, and has the distinction of being one of the last M&Ps with the so-called "long action" cocking mechanism; the hammer moves through a longer stroke as the gun is cocked and the hammer spur is mounted higher on the hammer. The switchover to the modern "short action" cocking mechanism occured at serial number S990184. Only ~180,000- 3 years' worth- postwar long action .38 M&Ps were made, making your gun a relative rarity as M&Ps are concerned.
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