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Dave Gafvert
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Antique pistol repair work

Hi Jim. I retired from Sturm Ruger in 2000, as the supervisor of the quality assurance dept, I've been doing repair work on antique handguns since 1951.
Yes I do keep busy, I make lock parts, springs from scratch. And heat treat them (not color case), My email address is [email protected] and
and address is 1629 S. Papago Dr Chino Valley AZ 86323. When I receive a job I let the customer know approximately what it will cost to do the work.
If the customer decides not to have it done it is reassembled and returned with NO charge except postage. I charge by the job not by the hour. As I don't have to put beans on the table, I love what I do and it keeps my mind and bod busy. If you have a Dixie Gun Works catalog read what ol Turner has to say about the use of modren ammo in these pieces of history, I met turner in Agusta GA in 1954 when I was stationed there. I shoot ALL of my antique guns (some date to 1760) as if they are in good condition they are fun to shoot with light loads. Cheers Dave
PS I do alot of work for three big CA dealers, check out "1898and B-4. com"
Jimmy sends me boxes of pistols at a time.
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