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Reading about Mr Swenson and some old school methods gave me the idea.
I bought this Randall for a reasonable used handgun price.
Now,you have suggested I might be compromising a collectable??
OK,folks,Randall Raider SN less than 3500Original mag,unmodified.Had Hogue palmswell rubber panel grips.
If you want to throw a lot of money at it,PM me before I start in a week or so. Then I won't have to feel guilty.
So far,replaced the extended slide stop with a non-extended,and have Hogue wrap grips with finger grooves.
My parts pile I have been accumulating for it,STI hi ride beavertail and the button jig for the radius,24-7 big dot tritium sights,a long trigger.
Probably going to put a Nowlin trigger set in.
Thats most of a $300 bill gone.Add $179 for a bbl but wait,bbl fitting requires some special tools.
Just to give an idea of my expectations,I want groups tighter than 4 in at 25 yds.Its not a prairie dog gun,but I want it to shoot.
I'm not an Olympic shot,but back when I shot one handed at bullseyes,my averages were in the 270's .Resting my forearms on bags,a 1911 that won't do 4" at 25 yds needs work.Am I wrong?
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