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!911,weld Swenson slide/bbl pad?

I picked up an excellent condition Randall stainless Commander clone.Pretty poor in the accuracy dept.Noticed the hood- bbl slide fit is poor,bbl can be moved around quite a bit.I dont want to money pit this gun,so Fitting a new bbl is not my first choice.
Mr Swenson would fit a pad inside the slide opposite the ejection port to position the bbl.He would drill a hole in the slide,fit his insert the hole,then weld over the protrusion on the outside of the slide.

My plan/question.I know a master of the TIG who can weld stainless beautifully.Is there anything wrong with just building up the same pad with a little weld inside the slide then milling it to match the bbl radius with the bbl in a slide centered and locked position?

Is there a concern about the weld generating a crack?

I'm not looking to make a match bullseye gun,if I end up with say .003-.007 clearance on the right side hood fit(barrel centered) I can accept it but I want to take up all the slop on the other side.

Feedback from 1911 gurus? Thanks
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