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George Hill
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The ADP is just the latest attempt and money grabing... and confirms my belief that there is little Wilson Combat would not do for a dollar.
Please. Wilson made a slick, skinny little striker fired 9mm available for less than Wilson's usual Grand Plus premium prices. Sure, they are trying to make a buck and pay their employees and give them some benifits. They are a Business. That is what Businesses do. Find new markets by finding new product and consumers for them.
Not many custom 1911's are as small, thin, and light as an ADP. Certainly not for the same amount of money.
What, should everyone buy Taurus PT111's or Custom 1911's? (Well, custom 1911's maybe... ahem...)
The ADP has a great little trigger. Seriously one of the best, on my test sampe, that I've ever felt... Only more recently has SIG put out the P250 that has a trigger as good on a production DAO gun for under 800 MSRP.
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